A hypothetical: what if the WrestleMania showdown between Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker devolved from a “worked” pro wrestling match into a legitimate fight?

So called “shoots” are rare, especially nowadays, but not unprecedented.

Imagine, for instance, that Lesnar were secretly considering a return to mixed martial arts, and wanted to make a bold statement of his legitimate fighting prowess on wrestling’s “grandest stage.” Legitimately making The Undertaker tap out, thereby breaking the vaunted streak, would surely make headlines and raise Lesnar’s stock considerably.

Undertaker, the consummate professional, would be highly unlikely to start a “shoot,” but he’d have no choice but to defend himself and fight back if Lesnar made things real.

So who would win?

Who better to answer that question than a man intimately acquainted with both professional wrestling and mixed martial arts, Dan “The Beast” Severn.

Severn was a UFC triple crown champ, and has held prestigious championships in both amateur and professional wrestling.

In an exclusive interview with WhatCulture, “The Beast” — Severn, that is, not Lesnar, who has recently claimed the nickname — weighed in on how a real fight between The Undertaker and Lesnar might unfold.
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