What “The Beast” Can Do For You!

Dan Severn is not only a legendary fighter both in MMA and Professional Wrestling, but he is also gives seminars, shows up for appearances, teaches college wrestling courses, and provides training to law enforcement across the country. For more information read below.

Dan Severn’s span of almost 40 years teaching Seminars has molded him into one of the most respectable teachers in MMA of our time. Dan has traveled the globe teaching various forms of the fighting arts from Amateur Wrestling to Mixed Martial Arts. He has perfected the art of instruction. He is a pioneer in MMA, WWE Legend, a UFC Hall of Famer… a symbol of a true United States competitive athlete.

Below are samples of his seminars that are widely requested. Dan also does Amateur Wrestling, Submission Wrestling, Greco Roman Wrestling, and much more. Other forms of training are available upon request via our “Contact Us” page.


Closing the distance, takedowns, clinches, and throws. Defending takedowns, clinches, and throws. Standing submissions. Great practice drills for striking to submissions. This seminar applies to MMA. Variations can also apply to Gi and non-Gi submission grappling applications.


(Man on top) Working inside the guard, striking applications, submissions, cranks, and compression submissions. (Man on bottom) Sweeps, reversals, submission,s and striking opportunities. This seminar applies to MMA. Variations can also apply to Gi and non-Gi submission grappling applications.


(The Ultimate Position) Striking opportunities, submissions, cranks, the application of “PAIN!” (‘Tis better to give, than to receive)… This seminar applies to MMA. Variations can also apply to Gi and non-Gi submission grappling applications.


If you are requesting for Dan to come to your location, why not hold two different seminars in one day? After the first seminar, Dan requests a 30 minute break for participants to take a personal photo, autographs, etc. Dan will have his UFC Championship belts for fans to take photos with and other Dan Severn merchandise available for purchase. (He requests 2 or 3 tables for these items.) After the break, it’s time for “continuing education.” Hosts have really enjoyed this as it’s easy to market and attracts many. A person may sign up for the first seminar, second seminar, or both seminars. Each seminars provides new instruction, and the great thing is, you don’t have to attend the first seminar to know what is going on in the second. It’s double the training, at no extra charge. See PRICING below for details.


Seminars typically last 2 hours and 30 minutes. Please contact us if you would like us to adjust the time-frame for your seminar. We can certainly accommodate.

Dan has made his training for everyone, while still teaching the skills necessary for competition. Whether you’re a beginner, trained fighter, or simply just coming to learn, we guarantee you will walk away having learned something. At the beginning of each seminar, he explains that if you need to take a break or sit out for a few minutes, no big deal. He is not there to break anyone, but to teach. (This is essential in marketing to your students.) If you have a large group of younger children interested in learning some of the skills in MMA, we request that be held during a separate time-frame. This will keep a good flow going during the seminar.

Yes! If Dan Severn is already coming to your area, he likes to try to “keep busy” in preparation for your Seminar. Dan does not mind doing interviews to help promote. Contact your local health clubs, newspapers, other media outlets and get the word out that you have a sports celebrity coming to your location to teach a training seminar. Announce that he will be doing a meet-and-greet for the community 30 minutes to an hour before the seminar to help gain attention to your location, and possibly bring in more participants to the seminar. If there are opportunities for Dan to make an appearance at a sports bar or other location the night before, he would be happy to go and help promote your location and the seminar. Dan will have his UFC Championship belts for fans to take photos with and other Dan Severn merchandise available for purchase. (He requests 2 or 3 tables for these items.) If you have further questions, please contact our seminar coordinator at seminar.info.msc@dansevern.com and we will reply to you within a timely manner.


- The fee for an MMA Seminar is $1,500 + transportation/hotel (or $500 for Dan's office to make those arrangements for him). Meals are also appreciated.

- Below is a sample pricing chart to give you an idea of how much to charge the seminar attendants for your profit purposes:

$2,000 divided by $100 = 20 students
$2,000 divided by $75 = 27 students
$2,000 divided by $50 = 40 students

- The second seminar pricing is simply a 50/50 split of what you make on that seminar. Hosts really enjoy this aspect, as it’s extra training without a dime coming out of their own pocket.

- A 25% Non-Refundable fee is requested to hold the date of the seminar.

To schedule a seminar please use the form on our Contact Us page or email dan@dansevern.com

This program was developed to help Law Enforcement Officers, regardless of size, effectively escape from a position of disadvantage and follow through with other force options.

The Two-Day Instructor Course for Law Enforcement Officers:

— Addresses the need for Officers going to the ground and having the ability to escape.
— Trains Instructors on how to teach escape positions from the ground to Law Enforcement Officers and how to avoid a position of disadvantage.
— Dan Severn shows the Defensive Tactics Instructor how to best put together a solid Ground Program within their Defensive Tactics Program.
— This innovate training will complement your Scenario Base Training segments and will allow Officers to understand the concepts and principles of being on the ground.

To bring this program to your department, contact us at
(517) 278-4908 or email dan@dansevern.com

Danger Zone Defensive Tactics offers 8 hour “end user” certification courses and 2 day “instructor certification” courses in a ground defense and escapes program that has been overwhelmingly well received by the Law Enforcement, Corrections, Military and Security Communities. The focus of the program is to teach the Officer how to escape from various positions of disadvantage on the ground utilizing simple but effective techniques based upon gross motor skill movement. Please contact Danger Zone Defensive Tactics at (517) 278-4908 or email dan@dansevern.com for more information on hosting or attending a seminar offered in your area.

Special Thanks to the following agencies and department for inviting us in and hosting us:

Federal Agency’s with Certified Instructors
U.S. Coast Guard
FBI – Boston

Florida Departments with Certified Instructors
Seminole Indian Tribal Police
Miami-Dade Police Training Institute
Miami-Dade College School Of Justice
Miami-Dade Police Department
Coral Gables Police Department
City of Miami Police Department
Hallandale Beach Police Department
Venice Police Department

New Jersey Departments with Certified Instructors
Middlesex County Department of Corrections
Union County Emergency Management
Far Hills Police Department
Spotswood Police Department
New Jersey Department of Corrections
Middlesex County Prosecutors Office
Essex County Sheriff Department

Ohio Departments with Certified Instructors
Southeastern Ohio Regional Jail (6 Hour Instruction)

Illinois Departments with Certified Instructors
Sandwich Police Department

Indiana Departments with Certified Instructors
Mishawaka Police Department

Massachusetts Departments with Certified Instructors
Boston Police Department
Boston Police Academy
Massachusetts State Police
Chelmsford Police Department
University of Massachusetts (Lowell) Police Department
Haverill Police Department
Saugus Police Department
Everett Police Department
Cambridge Police Department
Douglas Police Department
Franklin Police Department
Milford Police Department
Quincy Police Department
Wellesley Police Department
Norfolk County Sheriff’s Office
Dedham Police Department

Missouri Departments with Certified Instructors
Rolla Police Department
St James Police Department
Phelps County Jail

Michigan Departments with Certified Instructors
Portland Police Department
City of Burton Police Department
Davison City Police Department
Davison Township Police Department
Durand Police Department
Flint Police Department
Flint Regional Training Academy
Garden City Police Department
Genesee County Parks Department
Genesee County Sheriff Department
Laingsburg Police Department
Lapeer County Sheriff Department
Jackson County Sheriff Department
Michigan State Police Training Academy
Constantine Police Department
Lapeer Police Department
Flint Township Police Department
Birch Run Police Department
Owosso Police Department
Richfield Township Police Department
East Grand Rapids Department of Public Safety
Grandville Police Department
Aquinas College Public Safety
Saginaw Chippewa Tribal Police
Oakley-Brady Township Police Department
Northville Township Police Department
Westland Police Department
Wayne County Regional Police Training Center
Waukesha County Police Department

“The Beast” is available to make appearances at various sporting events. Whether you need a Referee, Judge, commentary, appearance, or a meet-and-greet with fans at your event, please contact us at (517) 278-4908 or email dan@dansevern.com

Dan Severn is currently teaching Submission Grappling at Arizona State University. More information to come.