Special September Promotional Offer

Available this month only

Is Brock Lesner’s Claim to Fame really FALSE?

Brock Lesner recently made claim
to being the first man to ever hold both
the UFC and Professional Wrestling
Championship titles at the same time.

Be the First to Hold the Proof
that the claims made by Brock Lesner are FALSE!

Dan ~The Beast~ Severn it giving
away signed photographic proof

(You can even look it up yourself).

21 years ago Dan Severn had already
got ahold of both Championship titles.

So what this big offer?

You will get;

  1. 2 8×10 signed photos

    • 1 UFC Championship

    • 1 Professional Wrestling Championship

  2. 1 Custom Signed Selfie with Dan ~The Beast~ Severn (not available online in-person only)

  3. OR

  4. 1 Custom signed Photo of Dan ~The Beast~ Severn (not given with in person)

This Package retails at $35 (online orders add $4 for S&H)

With This LIMITED Time offer you can get all this for

$24 (online orders add $4 for S&H)

And that’s not all

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In person orders placed before September 15th
will be entered into a drawing for a 1 day training and workout regime with Dan ~The Beast~ Severn.

Spend the day in ‘The House of Champions’ at the Michigan
Sports Camp training facility.

Your day can cover both MMA and Professional Wrestling or if your a true fan of one spend the day going over extensive
areas in one of the two areas.