DVD Catalog

All DVD’s in this area are available for purchase on a direct order please contact either Dan Severn at (517) 414-3859, Michigan Sports Camp at (517) 278-4908, or James A Lemmen III at (517) 607-9437. Please reference that you are making a DVD purchase.

Dvd Name Date SKU
Bear Casino-Danger Zone June 19th, 1999 DZ1
Insane in Wayne November 20th, 1999 IW 1
Fight Night 1-Danger Zone November 11, 2001 DZ2
Danger Zone January 13th, 2002 DZ3
Caged Heat-Danger Zone April 13th, 2002 DZ4
Mayhen in Macon- Danger Zone May 25th, 2002 DZ5
Fight Night 4-Danger Zone June 2nd, 2002 DZ6
Fight Night 5-Danger Zone September 15th, 2002 DZ7
Fight Night 6-Danger Zone May 31st, 2003 DZ8
Fight Night 7-Danger Zone July 19th, 2003 DZ9
Fight Night 8-Danger Zone September 13th, 2003 DZ10
Fight Night 9-Danger Zone November 8th, 2003 DZ11
Fight Night 10-Danger Zone December 27th, 2003 DZ12
Fight Night 11-Danger Zone Janurary 10th, 2004 DZ13
Fight Night 12-Danger Zone Janurary 31st, 2004 DZ14
Fight Night 13-Danger Zone March 13th,2004 DZ15
Fight Night 14-Danger Zone May 1st, 2004 DZ16
Fight Night 15-Danger Zone June 12th, 2004 DZ17
Battle in St. Roberts-Danger Zone August 28th,2004 DZ18
Missouri Fury-Danger Zone November 27th, 2004 DZ19
Caged Carnage-Danger Zone November 19th, 2005 DZ20
Resurection-Danger Zone March 11th, 2006 DZ21
Step Into The Cage-Danger Zone N/A DZ22
Fight Farm II-Danger Zone N/A DZ23
Cold Blooded-Danger Zone N/A DZ24
Redemption-Danger Zone Janurary 21st, 2009 DZ25
Warriors of the Cage-Danger Zone March 28th, 2009 DZ26
Battle Ground-Danger Zone April 18th, 2009 DZ27
Enter With Caution-Danger Zone June 27th, 2009 DZ28
Cold Blooded 2-Danger Zone N/A DZ29
Extreme Tension N/A DZ30
Locked And Loaded-Danger Zone June 19th, 2010 DZ31
Collison in Coldwater-Danger Zone October 2nd, 2010 DZ32
Meltdown-Danger Zone August 14th, 2010 DZ33
Ground Zero-Danger Zone April 24th, 2010 DZ34
#9 Fall Brawl-Danger Zone October 22nd, 2011 DZ35
DZ BOxing #10 August 18th, 2012 DZ36
DZ Boxing #7 May 21st, 2011 DZ37
#8 Critical Point-Danger Zone July 30th, 2011 DZ38
DZ Boxing #6 APril 2nd, 2011 DZ39
Season Beatings-Danger Zone December 4th, 2010 DZ40
Evaluation of a Champion 1 N/A EV1
Evaluation of a Champion 2 N/A EV2
Evaluation of a Champion 3 N/A EV3
Evaluation of a Champion 4 N/A EV4
MMA Seminar N/A MS1
MMA Seminar for Everyone N/A MS2

* Please Take note that at this time no other DvD information is available for each DvD, please allow some time for additional information to be gathered and submitted for your needs. This message will be removed once all DVD’s available have the needed information. Information to be gathered is as follows; People appearing in said DvD, N/A dates figured out, Content details. Thank you and we appreciate your patience.